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Going somewhere? We’ll take you there! APLUS HEALTH CARE, LLC is a provider of transportation services that are specially tailored for patients with fragile health conditions.

Travelling can present many risks. Our job is to make sure that you are safe and comfortable while in transit. We take precautionary measures that enable us to respond to emergencies, incidental needs and un-scheduled stops as necessary.

Several of our clients want to maintain their privacy while on the road, too. We have full respect for this wish as we find vehicles or transportation modes that fulfill their request(s).

Here are a number of the settings where our transportation services will come handy:

  • Going to medical appointments
  • Pick-up from medical appointments
  • Attending dental check-up
  • Attending social events
  • Pick up from appointments in general
  • Drop off and pick up from a therapy session

You can inquire about the type of vehicle available for use when you avail of our services. Please contact our office for more information – 612-276-3300.


Let's make your life at home convenient! APLUS HEALTH CARE, LLC will help you reduce pains and manage your health with services fit for your condition.
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